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mytopo - first mobile community topo
share your tops

mytopo is a project to simply collect and share your topos with the world. Whenever you climb a route or solve a boulder you can simply record it as topo with your smartphone or tablet and everybody has the possibility to get your topo. We will not charge you a single penny for this, therefore you simply provide any routes you like automatically to the community. This project is by now financed by myself and the costs are around 40€ per month. If you like the idea so much that you want to support it with more than your topos, you can donate whatever you like via paypal.
Oh and I’m totally aware of the most missing features. But unless a sponsor will get attracted by this project they will just appear from time to time.

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    This service doesn't cost you anything.

  • Feel free.

    If you like the idea and wan't to be part of it drop me line below.

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